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Cultivating Intimacy in Relationships

Developing Intimacy

A richness of intimacy lies at the core of every significant relationship. Intimacy creates, insight, understanding, compassion and love.  It supports our interpersonal growth, as well as the health and vitality of our relationship, and how we interact in the world.

  All of our relationships offer us a sacred path of mutual      awakening, through the intimacy of living. Opening to intimacy and our inter-relationships deepens our sense of connection with others and the world in which we live.

Cultivating intimacy can take a lot of thought and inner work, as well as commitment, both inter-personally and in relationship to understanding each other. For intimacies to occur in relationships, one has to be receptive, able to see within their own inner process, understand another’s, and allow themselves to be seen by another.  The deeper the capability and capacity to be mutually receptive is reflective to the depth of intimacy that is possible.

Intimacy is nurtured by feelings, perceptions and behaviors that develop out of a relationship based upon integrity, commitment, passion and respect.

Sexuality is often confused with intimacy. Sexual experience and deep receptivity, and capacity to an experience of Oneness can be viewed as a manifestation of the quality of one's level of intimate capacity. This is especially true in the development of spiritual tantric experiences.

Intimacy can be a vehicle for healing, for vital living, as well as a vehicle for a profound spiritual experience into the nature of existence.

Intimacy can be a vehicle for Spiritual Awakening.

Cultivating profound intimacy can become the essential expression, which opens the experience of expansive, boundless compassion, which is expressed in the Prajna Paramita mantra, known as the Heart Sutra, it is the highest praise, a deeply penetrating meditation to relieve all suffering.

To develop deep intimacy, necessitates that we sincerely know someone; their emotions, feelings, perceptions and experiences. It requires an experience of mutuality, a reciprocal flow of understanding and experience of emotions and feelings.    

               “To know someone is to love them,”

means that our experience and understanding has opened the way for appreciation, compassion and love.

Some people are afraid to be “seen”, because they area afraid to expose an area in themselves, where they feel inferior, guilt or shame, not realizing the gifts and treasures waiting to be found within themselves.  When someone cannot allow trust to be built within themselves, or with another, the result is lack of intimacy. Lack of intimacy results from lack of communication, and is the beginning of problems in the relationship, leading to a sense of disconnection, distrust, anger, resentment, unquestioned assumptions, and further leading to a loss of ability to relate to one another. When intimacy wanes, mutuality of care becomes less; the relationship erodes, or never truly gets off the ground.

To be able to reveal oneself in honest, open communication is to become mutually vulnerable to one another. Mutual open communication cultivates a foundation of trust, respect, and the opening of a nourishing relationship. It is the beginning of a journey toward deep intimacy, joy, passion, and healing. It creates healthful and vital living. Communication is a reflection of valuing yourself, your partner or friend, and the relationship as it moves closer toward intimacy, connection, and healthy bonding.   Intimacy is a gateway to inner awakening beyond ordinary perception and experience, which opens our capacity of joy, compassion, love and equanimity.

Our relationships can be a pathway to a mystical experience that opens our understanding of who we really are, in our relationship, in community, in the world and universe in which we live.

Cultivating Intimacy in Relationships, can offer a Pathway to finding our true purpose in life, and enrich our lives beyond what we ever thought possible.

      Intimacy is a gateway to Enlightenment.

How do we develop intimacy that nurtures our relationship in a way that also facilitates our growth and understanding?

How do we create a richness and vitality to our relationships, that feels truly rewarding?


How do we use relationships as a vehicle for Enlightenment?

How do we cultivate relationships, which nurture our Awakening?

Devotional Healing~

The purpose, foundation and mission of Devotional Healing, is cultivating Intimacy and Awakening, through Relationships.

Intimacy enriches our lives, our work and pleasure. It improves our health and well being.

3 Gates to Intimacy~

Our Programs, classes and retreats are designed to support the foundation and cultivation of intimacy and awakening to who we really Are.






                 May we all open to

                 feeling the Joy

             of being fully alive



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