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3 Gates to Intimacy


         Cultivating Healthy Relationships




                            Devotional Healing

        and the Bodhisattva path to Relationships:


The Bodhisattva’s have vowed to free all beings, all creations from suffering. The way of the Bodhisattva is to vow to work for the supreme enlightenment of all beings. It is reflected in our desire and concern for others that the concerns for the self, toward a true spiritual endeavor to awaken the heart of wisdom in all.


              3 Gates to Intimacy

1.)Devotional Healing: Bringing Heath Care Home (Body)

Devotional Healing is a synergy of Polarity, Mindfulness and Meditation. It is a gentle, effective, meditative touch that brings healing, intimacy and Health Care.

No prior bodywork experience is necessary. Only a desire, and willingness to be present and open, to experience how it can refresh your inner self with sense of calm, and at the same time bringing deep inner relaxation to a partner or friend.

This deeply subtle bodywork is a meditative and healing way for couples and friends to support the healing of one another Body Mind and Soul.


2.) Insight Astrology: The Psyche’s Embrace: (Mind)

"Insight Astrology" is a very perceptive tool for transformation and intuition. As we analyze an individual’s, Psychological Astrological Chart, it can assist us in uncovering life’s deepest reflections, our obstacles, as well as our gifts and strengths. We can use these insights to help us gain a deep compassionate understanding of our projections and conditioning. When we become aware of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, and, see where our positive strengths are, we have an opportunity to make choices to empower ourselves, our lives and health, in a way that can nurture all aspects of our life and relationships. It is the depth of our openness and capacity to be fully present that brings a rich joy and intimacy into all of our relationships.

"Insight Astrology", is a different from how many see the traditional view of an astrological reading. “Insight Astrology” is simply that, a way for us to look at our lives using a method that has the capacity to bring clarity into areas of our life, in areas that may have been hidden, yet can be important guides. This work has the specific aim of creating a greater sense of awareness of how we respond, or react to events, or to others.  As we learn more about each other, it can free up possibilities and potentials to help make daily living more joyful, and less stressful.

Deep insights into our life and soul’s path, can enhance our sense of wholeness, and allow greater of intimacy and connection.

In individual sessions, and in our workshops and retreats, we use the “Insight Astrology” readings to help create a poignant inner shift for interpersonal transformation, as well as an intuition tool for deep empowering insights into your own inner awareness, to help you create the shifts that you would like in your life.

3.) Pathway of Our Soul:

In-depth discussions of the Bardo Thotrol:  the Book of Listening or Hearing, better known as The Tibetan Book Dead, is a guide through the afterlife. It is read for 49 days after a person has died, to guide their journey through the Bardos of experience, to direct them toward enlightenment, or to chose an auspicious rebirth.

The bardos are transition states of experience. Our daily life has its reflections and influences in the bardo experiences of the afterlife.

We will reflect on how these teachings affect our views of living, aging, dying and death.

 As we look at death we begin to appreciate the value of living fully, mindfully. It is said, that how we die is reflection of how we have lived.

So, when is it a good time to prepare for death?

And, How can preparing for death help us to live more fully, joyfully?

The Dalai Lama has said,  “ to die well, is to have lived well is to have an auspicious rebirth” 

A rich intimate relationship can be a great asset bringing a wealth love, joy, compassion and insight into our journey, as it reflects the nature of being, independence and interdependence, all engaging in an energetic dance of waves, within a sea of form and formlessness.

The 3 Gates to Intimacy, offers us an easy way to deepen and integrate our inquiry and knowledge about ourselves, as well as offering a pathway for healing and transformation. We can learn to look insightfully at ourselves, our relationships and begin to uncover and remove the obstacles so that we can share and experience true intimacy with another.

As we grow in this way together, we allow ourselves to be fully Present in the moment. It is in the Present that we can find the opening to the profound Oneness of Being, and create a vision of the future that nurtures and sustains our growth and wellness. 

Deepening intimacy enriches the meaning and ground of our relationships as well as our individual sense of inter-connectiveness with the nature of our beings, and assist in the development of the path of our souls.

As we truly dive deeper, to understand the journey of our lives, the meaning of the projections of our minds, and the inner journeys of our partners, family and clients, we can learn to know ourselves with a much more expansive and compassionate view.

A true intimacy can develop between two people and others, as the unwinding of the minds projections are dissolved, and we are able to see and experience the true Essence of our being, while being held in Love.

It is time to reach out beyond the personal, to support one another in the path of awakening and the development of consciousness. The unfolding or our true nature enlivens our experience in life, awakens us to the nature of impermanence; aging, illness, dying and death, which influences the journey and experiences in the stages of the afterlife.

In the cycle of living, dying, and death, it is the consciousness at the moment of death, which is the seed of consciousness for the next moment, of rebirth. 

The seeds, which we have composted in our soil of our life, whether we nourished, watered, protected, or pulled the weeds from our journey, will be reflected in our lives, and will yield the fruit, in the garden of our rebirth. 

As the path of our life embraces “Soul Ecology” it plants seeds for healing now and in the future, while awakening us to the importance of the fertile soil of our consciousness in the present.


                                 Body, Mind and Soul...

  Learn to Touch the profound entrance to the Present.

“When we allow our minds to become gentle and our hearts to open, the wellspring of our compassion can flow freely”

                                                     (B.H. Gunanarata, 8 Mindful Steps to Happiness )




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