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Take an Inner Trek!
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Inner Treks: Spiritual Sacred Healing Adventures for Women

Spiritual journey's / vacations are the monumental experiences that punctuate our otherwise ordinary lives.

You are here to enable the Divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you Are!        -Eckhart Tolle

Join us exploring Spiritual Passions and Pursuits, exploring the Spirit, Mind and Body Awakening the Essence of Our True Nature. Share this inner passage with your partner , friend/s or Solo, in a sacred journey within your inner Being, walking with Mindfulness in the outer world, and practicing Meditation. Journeying in this way with companions, friends, and other women, can intensify the energetic field of being aware. We are not dependant on it for our awakening, it is just a beneficial, and reinforcing field in which to live and walk.

The time is now for the Bliss of Enlightenment and the flowering of our profound Love and Self to bloom. Being in the Present Moment, individually, with another, and collectively, it is essential that we awaken Now and step forward into the Evolution of Consciousness.

"Inner Treks" brings together spiritual programs for voyages of reflection and self discovery, to inspire you to find yourself among the Silence, wind, water, and energetic Waves.

Our programs are designed to resonate with the natural rhythm of life, observing our inner being, with reflections in nature, through local walks, and in far away lands. We walk, talk, discuss, swim, with the focus of uncovering our inner self, while learning to quiet the egoic mind, so that we may understand ourselves and others, while opening to greater compassion and intimacy in our lives.


A Women's Monastery Without Walls: Our programs create spiritual sanctuary as a response to support the growing number of women who are now approaching the opening of the fully conscious state, who are engaged in life, we bring support within, so that we can remain active in the world. We offer programs for spiritual renewal primarily from the Buddhist perspective of Mindfulness and Meditation embraced in the essence of practices of Lovingkindness.

"Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better."
       Albert Einstein

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