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Ho’ola Wahine: Woman Healer

Dr. Anna Noekeala Bonas DC, LAc, OMD and Kahuna Pule LanakilaDr. Anna Noekeala Bonas DC, LAc, OMD, brings together many years of training and experience. She will be using traditional practices from different Hawaiian healers of Ho’oponopono: which realigns the spirit, the mind and body. It is a traditional form of Hawaiian family and individual emotional healing, which clears the past, making things right, as Aunty Margaret, her teacher (the world famous lomilomi massage kumu (the source, teacher) says, “empty your heart, before the sun goes down.” Don’t take the hewa (your) troubles into the night or the next day. Let go and give them to the Divine.

Noekeala’okalehuaonaonaikauka; Noekeala, was hanai (adopted) by Kahu Lanakila Brandt, Kahuna Pule of Pu’uhonua O Honaunau, a 15th century heiau (temple), of Hale O Keawe. Noe, will share some Hawaiian offering rituals and pule (prayers) taught to her by Lanakila, as well as use La’au Kahea; the calling medicine; spiritual healing, that she learned from him, and others. Dr. Noe, created Na Kumu Nalu ( the ancient source wave) retreats to assist in the releasing of the hewa (troubles) of the past, while capturing our glories, and, opening anew to our very best. While we are at our present extraordinary best, we can become more aware of the energetic wave within, which opens to an even greater inner knowingness and expansiveness. Experience your connection with the harmonics of nature, in a tropical paradise, while expanding the The Ocean on the shores of Hawaiiawareness of your magnificence in all that you want to do and be.

The Ocean is a metaphor for merging yourself with the vast ocean of the Divine. In Kealakekua Bay…the pathway of the Gods..

Hina; Malama, Goddess of the Moon, who guides us in darkness, Uri, she whose spark started creation. Ha’itamalama; Goddess of the moon. Break the light, reveal the source.

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- Pule to the Moon - Noekeala

Kuhu Lanakila Brant’s full name is Po’o Kahuna pule Lanakilakahuokalani Brandt, my beloved hanai makua kane, (adopted father) and teacher, who I was so fortunate to spend so many wonderful times with over the years, staying in his home, and sitting at his table on the lanai, ‘talking story’ about the Gods and Goddesses, and discussing so many other important things, learning Po’ohuna (the highest Hawaiian metaphysics secrets), and many Pule (prayers), and chants to use in La’au Kahea, the calling medicine. He was never interested in small talk. I sat by his side when he was teaching and assisted him in classes, and assisted with many ho’ola healings with people from all over the world. We collected ti leaves for heiau (temple) ceremonies and made mohai (offerings) for the temple, and for Pele at the volcano. Mahalo nui loa makua kane Lanakila, aloha mau.

The main concept of the Kekaikialealea retreat is to assist individuals to the conscious experience of feeling competent, successful and extraordinary, and then to expand the awareness to their magnificence. And, from their most expansive state of consciousness, have them step into the experience of the world around them: the ocean, the rich tropical environment that this special place in Hawaii has to offer their transformation.

We will do Hawaiian mohai (offerings) rituals, ho’otuano’o (meditation), and Ta Hanu Lipo; graduated deep breathing to ho’omana empower your experiences within yourself and with nature. La’au Kahea

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(the calling medicine spiritual healings) and ho’ola healings will be preformed as well as processes for releasing limiting patterns that were standing in the way of accomplishing one’s deepest desires.

Na Kumu Nalu retreats throughtout the year offer special programs with other healers, and Ho’ola Kapuna healing elders of Hawaii. Our first class was blessed by Kahu Lanakila teaching his last course in La’au Kahea. We host Hawaiian cleansing programs carried on from the tradition of Aunty Margaret Kalehuamakanoelulu’uonapali Ahauiakealli Machado, the world renowned Lomilomi teacher.

Aunty MargaretDr. Noekeala also teaches with other healers of non- Hawaiian traditions in Hawaii. She also teaches Lomilomi in California with the blessings of her teacher Aunty Margaret Machado. Noe was also given the blessings by Lanakila to carry on what he taught her. Noekeala has been given many gifts by the aina (the land), her many kumus (teachers) and aumakua (spiritual guardians), for which she is very grateful. Mahalo nui loa.


Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD

AKA “Noe”

Sebastopol, California, and Hawaii

For over 35 years Dr. Anna "Noe" Bonas has enjoyed a thriving healing practice. Dr B. has practiced in Sonoma County, Santa Cruz, and in Carmel, California combining many forms of Mind-Body healing, along with Acupuncture and holistic Chiropractic. She has been initiated into the “sacred ways” of healing, by honored elders of several indigenous cultures.

 Dr Bonas is a Holistic Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, with a vast background in Eastern and Western healing therapies of the Body, Mind and Spirit. She has a Doctorate in Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine,and holds national status as a diplomat in both fields. Dr. Bonas also has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a major in Human Anatomy.
She is Certified as a Polarity Health Instructor and Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner in
NLP, and studied Ericksonian hypnosis. She has studied many other forms of emotional and physical therapeutics, which help to release the cause
 of disease. She is a 7th degree Reiki master. Her research in the psycho-spiritual aspects of health has enabled her to integrate these disciplines into her work and teachings.
She began doing prayer healing as a child, and has studied many forms of healing ever since that time.

Dr Anna began Eastern meditation practice in 1969. Throughout her professional career she has been a student and practitioner of Eastern spiritual traditions. She melds this richly diverse background together to provide a unique atmosphere in which her patients realize a more complete sense of wellness.

Currently, Dr Bonas is the director of Yumtha, maintains a private practice, along with being the creative developer of the Gallery 4 Generosity Arts Project, that will provide art and gift products, all profits from G4G will sustain Yumtha and other projects that benefit others.

Dr Anna or "Noe" as many call her, is the visionary and developer of "Metta Care".

Metta Care Associates, is an association of alternative professionals, DC, LAC, MD, RN, LVN, psychotherapists, massage and movement practitioners; Qigong to yoga, herbalists, nutritionists and homeopaths, along with lay individuals interested in responding to the needs of those ill, aging and dying with compassion, contemplation and care who are interested in creating affordable health care.

As a person of vision and experience, Dr Bonas recognizes this is the time to establish a compassionate care center for conscious living and dying in Sonoma County. Yumtha's vision became clear to Dr Anna when she was working with many individuals in the 1980's who had AIDS and cancer, and who were unprepared emotionally and spiritually to die. With a deep sense of compassion and care the vision of the Yumtha Center was born.

Yumtha means "spiritual healer", one who sees the needs of an individual or community and through inner vision and wisdom implements a cure. Yumtha was a name given to Dr Bonas by a Native American Pomo Elder who was a friend and spiritual teacher.


The focus of the work of Dr Bonas has been the caring for individuals and couples, body, mind and soul. Her work is encompasses teaching, individual treatments, on the mainland and Hawaii. The nature of her private practice for almost 40 years, has been cultivating deep healing and opening of the heart, and a lifelong journey of awakening.

 Dr. Bonas is engaged in nurturing the practice of life’s “Soul Ecology.” © Her compassionate care observes the path of the soul, in wellness, and in illness and death to facilitate compassionate transitions while setting the stage in life for healthy compassionate transitions to the next awakening. "Soul Ecology" is a way of doctoring and tending with care, in life for our next, by planting fertile seeds of compassionate karma (action), for the vipakka; the fruits of our actions to bloom in one’s next life.

The Dhalai Lama once said, “ to die well, is to have lived well is to have an auspicious rebirth”.

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