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Devotional Healing
Woman receiving devotional bodywork

Devotional Classes for Couples


Receive and give a massage with the meditative touch. This work is for couples who want to create and restore their relationships with devotion. The devotional touch, is for the couples who want and seek a depth in their relationships that touches the spiritual journey in each of our souls.

Healing each other with a gentle touch, allows each partner to do their own inner meditation, bridging and restoring the inner and outer experience. When we begin linking feeling good on the inside we open to view life’s experience with greater ease, bringing greater comfort into all aspects of our life.

How can we support our relationship, our body and ourselves with deeper devotion and respect?

Devotional Body work opens us to finding our way to each other, while finding our way back home to ourselves. The inner spirit reaches in finding, touching our deepest inner spiritual self. The sacred space within that we can find the support and create a base, a foundation within ourselves and each other, which gives us the quiet inner strength and power to do and be what we want to do in the outer world of work, home, family, and graces many of our outer manifestations in our life.

Take an Inner Trek

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If we are truly connected within ourselves we are able to ride the changing currents and tides by shifting the positions of the sails in response to the winds of change. As we shift, the winds are behind us, guiding us, and carry us where we want to go.

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